Quasars in Virgo cluster

4h40 exposure (L:56x300s)
Acquired on the 28th of February 2019 with Samyang 135mm

Setup: Samyang 135mm F/2, AZ-EQ6, QHY163m gain=100, QHYCFW2-M, AstroLink 4 mini, QHY5L2M. Software: APT, Stellarium scope, EQ MOD, PHD2

In previous post was described a method to identify Quasars using Aladin Destop software.
The method is now applied on this wide field image (central part of Virgo galaxy cluster) which has been annotated accordingly in orange.
Here is below screen captures of those identifications.

6 Quasars… among others!

Q1216+158 Quasar

O12+158 – Z=2.265


Q1215+1202 Quasar

QSO1215+1202 – Z=2.841

Q1227+120 Quasar

QSO1227+120 – Z=2.458

Q1224+1349 and Q1222.9+1334 Quasars

QSO1224+1349 – Z=2.1838 and QSO1222.9+1334 – Z=1.796

Q1209+1524 Quasar

QSO1209+1524 – Z=3.064

To conclude about these identifications, this is quite a surprise to discover the accessibility of such objects. More surprising is the redshift of those objects distant of several billion light years – up to Z=3 for Q1209+1524 Quasar! Totally crazy to discover that so old photons can be captured with a simple 135mm DSLR lens!!!

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