Setup in brief

Deep sky imaging – 8″ F/4 Newton telescope

Sampling with QHY163m : 1″ arc-second/pixel (1°16 x 0°58)
Carbon tube and mirrors holders: TS ONTC 8″ F/4
Mirrors: Mirro-sphere
Focuser: Moonlight CRL 2.5inch focuser + high res stepper motor
Coma corrector:  2″ GPU

Wide field imaging – Samyang 135mm F/2 lens

Sampling with QHY163m : 6″ arc-second/pixel (7°30 x 5°40)
Lens: Samyang 135mm F/2
Lens holder:  Philippe LECA Concept 3D printing
Guiding: TSL50D 50/180 F/3.6


Main camera: QHY 163m : 16MPixels 4/3″ – 4656×3522 – 3.8×3.8µm
Filter whell: QHY CFW2-M 7x36mm filter positions
Off axis guiding: QHY OAG-M
36mm filters: Astronomik L/R/G/B + SII/Ha/OIII 6nm
Off axis guiding camera: Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2 : 0.4Mpixel – 752×580 – 6.4×4.75µm
Parrallele guiding camera: QHY5L-IIm : 1.2MPixels – 1280×960 – 3.75×3.75µm

Control box

Astrolink 4 mini
Camera power supply control
Focuser control including temperature compensation
Dual dew heater control with PWM regulation
Humidity and temperature monitoring
ASCOM driver allowing full remote





Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 : 18kg imaging payload

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